Thursday, October 21, 2010

Visa India

Have you heard of Visa India?  I came across a news article today referring to such a company.  When you visit the Visa site and select India, you go to Visa South Asia section.

I am not trying to make a big deal of this innocuous article.  Given the background about NPCI, quite a few folks whom I interact with suggest that a Visa India (similar to Visa Europe) is a reasonable market response. 
While a Visa China may not be an appropriate response to CUP, a Visa India may be [to NPCI].  Considering the size of the India market, and the opportunity that Visa has in this market, Visa India makes a lot of sense.  However, Visa's first response to NPCI may not be Visa India.

Stay tuned.  Will keep you posted on the developments this part of the world.  Also, do drop me a line if you have any related dope.

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