Monday, November 17, 2008

Innovation 2.0 & the Obama Presidency

I ran into my friend Christian Sarkar's blog about Obama's Innovation Strategy. Felt that the topic was appropriate for this blog. Christian's blog has the video clip of Obama unveiling his innovation agenda at Google. Obama's speech was, as expected, very inspiring.

The dark economic cloud that has been hanging over the economy has been stifling. Startups are withering on the vine. Access to venture capital has literally dried up. IPOs have ceased being an option for startups for over a year. Revenues will surely dwindle or be delayed. I know of many a startups, some started by friends, that are barely surviving. The next 12-18 months of recession look insurmountable. The few choices left for startups include M&A. Not quite the Innovation 2.0 that we were expecting...

Having said that, the changes being proposed by Obama are indeed different. His vision and agenda will accelerate innovation in a variety of areas. Experienced and prudent nurturing/management of radical ideas could spur the blossoming of the Obama Googles. One could then argue that the true Innovation 2.0 was what the Obama presidency ushered in.

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