Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Innovations, such as EMUE's card, can get us going again

Very rarely do you see so much buzz about a new payment technology as EMUE's display cards. This is indeed an exciting innovation. This card has the thickness of a traditional credit card, while it has a 8-digit display, 12 digit keyboard and a battery that last 3 years! Wow, this is truly amazing.

This product has the potential of being applicable in a variety of markets, including the US.

The ability to leverage the above product features to support MFA (multi-factor authentication) using a single device is what makes this product exciting. To appreciate this innovation, compare against the Gemalto CAP (Chip And PIN) reader being tailor-made for Barclays (PINsentry) to support MFA for online commerce. Who would want an add-on device if your payment card can do it all? The additional cost of the EMUE card (costs 5 times as much as an ordinary card to manufacture) looks inexpensive when compared to shipping CAP readers to customers.

I see an immediate opportunity to use this card for MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) transactions. Visa is piloting this card with bank(s) to complement VbV (Verified by Visa). I am not sure that the problems that merchants and consumers have with VbV will be addressed by using EMUE's card.

You get so excited when you read about such innovations that you forget that the economy is supposed to comatose.

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